We are the travel company for space enthusiasts.

We believe in the power of the possibility of Overview Effect experience to positively change a person’s life. In Frank White’s seminal book “The Overview Effect,” it’s described as a profound shift in consciousness the astronauts experience when they look down on Earth from space. They realize things like the fragility of life, the unity of people without borders, and better perspective on our physical place in the Universe.

We believe that traveling on Earth can provide a similar experience to the Overview Effect. Think about how when you visit another country, it gives you a new perspective on your home country. We believe that more people having Overview Effect experiences will make the world a better place.

We’re dedicated to helping you get the most “Overview” from your travels by guiding you through a conscious, thoughtful, consultative travel planning process that’s geared towards you as an individual to allow you to travel more fulfilled without getting bogged down by overwhelming details or planning.

We also regularly organize and help people plan the best of space-related travel right here on Earth, like visiting the world’s space history sites or amazing astronomy locations.

We want to help people travel to space when the time is right for them. In the meantime, we believe there are valuable insights from space that can help us travel better on Earth.

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