It can be hard to find the space to travel in your life. We all get busy. We lose track of all those bucket list trips we planned to take. Pretty soon, we find ourselves just going to the same old place we go to every year. There's nothing wrong with going back to a place you love, but at SpaceToTravel, we believe in expanding our horizons.

We do more than just book your flights and hotels, we help you re-imagine your travel life with our engaging and fun long-term travel planning process called Wanderlist. With Wanderlist, you get to dust off all those long-forgotten bucket list items and start to put a plan in place to make them happen.

Our passion is helping you travel in a way that brings you more perspective in your daily life, is a ton of fun, and more closely aligned with who you are as a person. Want to get started? Just fill out the contact form below to discuss the process.

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